Sunday, February 5, 2017

Homeschooling..Starting With The Convention


It’s that time of year again in our area!  The homeschool convention is quickly approaching!  Are you ready?  I have talked with several people with in the past few weeks about ours here in Cincinnati.  There are lot of questions buzzing around!    So I thought it would be a good idea to share my experiences and thoughts about how I get thru it. SO here are my thoughts and experiences at our homeschool convention in Cincinnati. 

  First of all, Do I Need to go to be a successful homeschooler?
    Of Course not!  You can do your own research and purchase online, make your own curriculum, or whatever you want/need.  One of the joys/perks of homeschooling, right?  I am more of a touchy feely person and I want to see and touch the books that I am going to be using the best I can.   I find it more frustrating to buy something online that I thought would work to find out it didn’t.  Besides a lot of vendors offer discounts if you purchase at the convention.  Even if it is only free shipping, it helps!
  Second,  Is it recommended to go?
I would say that depends on who you talk to Smile.  I would totally say yes!  I also would say that why not make that weekend yours?  Go with either you hubby (and leave the kids with Grandma) or go with your girlfriends.  Stay in a hotel by the event and have a great couple of days! 
  Do I need to go from start to finish?  Of course not!  Our convention goes for 2.5 days here (We are the Midwest one on the Great Homeschool Conventions).  Ours starts on Thursday night and does about 4 hours, then on Friday it is a long day (8am-9pm I believe) and then Saturday is more like an 8-5.  Now don’t hold me to those times, I am just using it for an example!
    I would recommend that you plan on going at least Friday and Saturday.  If you can only schedule one day, then Friday would be your best bet with our convention’s schedule as it is the longest day.  You can purchase your tickets the day of, however they are cheaper the sooner you buy them.
  Finally, how do I schedule my time? 
I plan on going two days, however I have done my homework ahead of time. 
  When I had 4 kiddos at home to homeschool, it got overwhelming to me to make sure that I had something for each kiddo and each subject they were going to take that year.  SO I went to excel and created a spread sheet that I am still using.  I have the kids listed on the l left and the subjects across the top.  I fill in the info with what curriculum as I decide what I am using.  For example, we have had great success with Math U See with all 4 kids.  SO I know going in I am definitely using that!  That goes into the spreadsheet.  I do this with all the subjects.    Check it out!

  Sorry the picture isn’t the best. However it gets the point across, doesn’t it?  I think it looks a little sad as there are only two kiddos on it.  I started this when I still had 4 at home! Anywho, you don’t need to use Excel, I have used a notebook before.  Whatever works for you.  I just like Excel! 
     As you can see looking at this, there are some blank spaces.  This is because I am not 100 percent sold on what I am doing in those classes.  Art for one, is a struggle in our house.  I am not an artist or artistic at all. At times I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler!  Yep that is me!   So that takes some thought at times as to what to use.  Secondly, I have usually use science and history curriculum with multiple kids at the same time.  So much easier for us!  Once the kiddos hit 8th grade they branch off and start the Apologia series.  So, I still need a science for Cecelia that she hasn’t already done with the boys.  My homework isn’t finished yet!
I think that is enough info for one day though, don’t you?  I will finish my process in another post.  In the meantime, start that schedule of classes for your kids!  That convention is quickly approaching!
   Keep in mind that this is what I do.  There is no wrong or right way to go about the convention or the preparation of your homeschool! You have to do what works for you and your kiddos.  I was overwhelmed when I went the first few years.  It honestly took me about 3 years to be comfortable and know “what I was doing” down there.
  Is this your first year?  The best advise I have for you…BREATHE!!  It can be very overwhelming the first few times you go.  There is A LOT of info to take in!  I will finish my convention journey in a second post. 
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  1. I've been homeschooling for 11 years and not ever once have I been to a convention! I buy most of our things used, so I hesitate to go because I worry I'll end up spending more than I have to. I'd love to go for the classes and stuff offered though! Great post, thanks for sharing!